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Question 1: From whom did Abraham bought the burial place where he and his wife were buried?
A. Ephron the Hitite
B. Makir the Midianite
C. Asher the Amorite
D. Ruel the Moabite
Question 2: King David was born in this city:
A. Goshen
B. Bethlehem
C. Nazareth
D. Jerusalem
Question 3: On what did Jesus sit on his way to Jerusalem for the Feast?
A. camel
B. elephant
C. horse
D. donkey
Question 4: This city was built by Cain:
A. Abel
B. Enoch
C. Bethel
D. Babel
Question 5: What was the written charge placed above Jesus' head when he was crucified?
A. This is Jesus, The King of the Jews
B. This is Jesus, the Saviour of the world
C. This is Jesus, the son of carpenter
D. This is Jesus, who blasphemed against the high priests
Question 6: Where did Joseph escape to along with Mary and baby Christ when Herod was planning to search for the child to kill him?
A. Egypt
B. Nazareth
C. Jerusalem
D. Galilee
Question 7: Where was Samuel buried?
A. Ramah
B. Gilgal
C. Naioth
D. Shiloh
Question 8: Which one of these cities was not built by Nimrod?
A. Nineveh
B. Rehoboth
C. Calah
D. Eber
Question 9: Who sold his birthright for a bowl of stew?
A. Jacob
B. Esau
C. Judah
D. Ishmael
Question 10: Who was the other wife of Elkanah, other than Hannah?
A. Peninnah
B. Zillah
C. Naomi
D. Adah

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